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Many people are becoming more and more interested in cryptocurrency due to the rise of Bitcoin’s value. Coinbase payment service is among the most popular cryptocurrency services and offers a wonderful user experience. Coinbase offers secure storage, insurance protection, industry best practices, and competitive pricing. Users can also convert their dollars into e-currency to take advantage of discounted fees when paying with cryptocurrencies.



What Is Coinbase?

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange and payment service that allows people to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies. Coinbase operates in two parts. One part is an exchange, where merchants and consumers can transact with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc.

What Is Coinbase?

The other part is a payment service where merchants can accept payments via bitcoin or convert it automatically into fiat currency for withdrawal. Over 89 million verified users are using Coinbase payment services around the globe.


Coinbase Features

The interesting and most distinctive feature of Coinbase is that it has a minimalistic and user-friendly interface. But there’re other features listed below.

Coinbase Features

Secure Storage

Coinbase has a multi-signature vault designed to ensure your money is safe. The private keys of your wallet are spread across several storage locations. This protects you from damage due to natural disasters such as fire or floods and hackers who might attempt to steal your digital currency.

Protected By Insurance

Coinbase is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which means your cryptocurrency stored at Coinbase is protected for up to $250,000. You can read more about their insurance policy here.

Industry Best Practices

Coinbase is an industry leader in terms of security, which is why it has attracted loyal customers. Each of their servers is certified, a widely-used standard for information security management systems. You won’t have any problems with Coinbase because they have the best technology and policies to ensure your cryptocurrency is safe and secure.


What Is Coinbase Pricing?

Coinbase offers different types of accounts. You can choose to hold your digital currency in one of their secure vaults or go with a more likely-to-use wallet. Coinbase wallet allows you to hold as many digital currencies as you want at the same time, and it will enable you to make quick trades without having to wait for your transaction to confirm. The prices vary depending on the storage space you want for your cryptocurrencies and the type of account you choose.

The Bottom Line

If you’re interested in purchasing cryptocurrency, Coinbase is one of the best services to use. Coinbase has everything you need: competitive prices, secure storage, protection by insurance, and industry best practices. Coinbase also allows you to easily buy and sell your cryptocurrencies via their exchange while converting them automatically into fiat currency for withdrawal.

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Coinbase Reviews

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