About us

Welcome to FunGTU!

At FunGTU, we believe that software helps to evolve business and makes the world a better place. We think so because software enables us to automate most processes and make any business more efficient.

Our History

We invite you on a fascinating journey with FunGTU where you can learn more about our company and how we plan to become number one in software and tech reviews.

Since 2011, we’ve been on the hunt for new software, researching business processes and helping companies manage their finances, inventory, employees and other assets more efficiently.

Our team knows better than anyone that the search for new software can be tedious. That’s why we’ve been working for years, so you can find the right software for your business in minutes.

Why FunGTU?

More than ten years ago, entrepreneurs teamed up to start a software review service. They were both working in software maintenance so the name FunGTU was chosen, which stands for Global Tech Union – an association of like-minded people who believe in the great power of software for business and innovation.

Today we have millions of unique visitors, thousands of software reviews and other professional services. Our team includes content creators, editors, designers, professional reviewers, revisers, testers and other technical staff who help us create unique content. We’re working to help millions of visitors grow their businesses and realize their infinite potential.

FunGTU is Completely Free, Why?

We started as a small business, so we know that time and money are often scarce. This is the main reason why our reviews and other services are free.

Our business has continued to exist for years because vendors pay us when they get traffic from our site. However, this does not mean that we only publish reviews of companies that pay for traffic; we do reviews and publish information about all the software and services we can find. That’s why you get comprehensive information and Buyer’s Guides to all possible software that’s available on the market absolutely free of charge.

Who are we working for?

Every visitor to our website, no matter buyer or vendor, can find the information they need:

·         For buyers – we offer unbiased, trusted software reviews, as well as Buyer’s Guides to help you choose the right services to automate and optimize your business.

·         For vendors – you can offer your software or services to our site visitors.

We are Inspired by your Success

We want every entrepreneur to maximize their potential and use useful software to achieve success. That’s why we adhere to rules that will help you become even better:

  • Results first – time matters, so our goal is to provide you with help as quickly as possible.
  • Be honest – we work transparently so that every entrepreneur can choose the software they need.
  • Best team ever – we pride ourselves on having only the best employees.
  • Understand the details – we’re not afraid of difficulties, so we’re willing to work overtime to solve any problems.

What’s Next?

Thank you for staying with us! After reading the history of FunGTU and learning how we work, we have become much closer.

So don’t waste another minute! Start exploring FunGTU as soon as possible for an invaluable experience. Remember, your success is fuel for us!